Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

The annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event is held once per year in Tracy. This event is usually held on a Saturday during the summer at the Tracy Municipal Airport, 5749 South Tracy Blvd. For information regarding the next HHW Collection Event, call (209) 468-3066.

What is Household hazardous wastes (hww)?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is any waste generated from the use of a product containing a hazardous material that, if misused or improperly disposed of, could pose a threat to human health or the environment.

Household Hazardous Wastes should NEVER be thrown in the trash, washed down the drain, poured in the street gutter or poured onto the ground.

Reduction at Home

  • Never leave household hazardous products within the reach of children
  • Always monitor the use, storage and disposal of products with potentially hazardous substances.
  • To reduce the danger in your home, buy non-toxic or less-toxic alternatives
  • Keep hazardous products in their original containers and never remove labels.
  • REDUCE by purchasing only the amount needed to do the job
  • REUSE products by donating unused portions of commonly used items, such as paint or fertilizer, to friends or community organizations
  • RECYCLE by taking unwanted products to the San Joaquin County Household Hazardous Waste Facility

Household Hazardous Wastes

Hazardous materials are often marked with warning labels or cautions because they contain chemicals that may be toxic, flammable, corrosive or reactive:
CAUTION: Mild to Moderately Hazardous
WARNING: Moderately Hazardous
DANGER: Extremely flammable, corrosive or highly toxic
POISON: Highly Toxic

Household Cleaners
Abrasive Cleanser
Ammonia-based Cleaner
Bleach-base Cleaner
Chlorine Bleach
Drain Opener
Glass Cleaner
Oven Cleaner
Scouring Powder
Spot Remover
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Upholstery & Rug Cleaner

Other Household Products
Aerosol Spray Cans
Floor Polish
Mercury Thermometers
Nail Polish & Remover
Sharps (syringes, blood test products)*
Shoe Polish
Silver Polish

*Must be delivered in a sealed container


Most households also employ a variety of hazardous products in their yards, especially their garden areas. Less toxic alternatives are available for many fertilizers and pesticides.

Pesticides & Garden Products
Chemical Fertilizer
Flea Collars, Sprays & Bombs
Herbicide & Weed Killer
Insecticide & Bug Killer
Rodent Poisons
Roach & Ant Killers
Snail & Slug Poisons

Pool & Hobby Products
Artist & Model Paints
Firearm Cleaning Solvents
Photographic Chemicals
Pool Chemicals
Solvent-Based Glue

Transportation Tips

  • Transport no more than 15 gallons or 125 pounds per trip
  • Never mix chemicals
  • Place chemicals in sealed containers
  • Transport materials in the trunk of cars, the back of SUVs or the bed of pickups to minimize the impacts of spills


Aside from choosing water-based paint over oil-based paint, or using elbow grease rather than paint stripper, hazardous auto and paint products generally have few known alternatives. However, some of these products such as latex paint, motor oil, anti-freeze, and auto batteries can be recycled.

Oil is collected free of charge at the following locations in Tracy: O’Reilly (209) 836-0606, and SpeeDee Oil Change (209) 836-1557.

Disposal Information

Household Hazardous Waste Program
San Joaquin County
Solid Waste Division
1810 East Hazelton Avenue
Stockton, California 95205
Hotline: (800) 449-4840
Phone: (209) 468-3066
Fax: (209) 468-3078

Household Hazardous Waste
Consolidation Facility

7850 South R.A. Bridgeford Street
Stockton, California 95206

Open to the Public:
Every Thursday—Saturday
from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Questions? Call (800) 449-4840
Open to Small Businesses:
By Appointment Only
1 (800) 207-8222

Tracy Recycling
Sites for Oil & Oil Filters

O’Reilly Auto Parts (1093)
3323 Tracy Boulevard
(209) 863-0606

O’Reilly Auto Parts (4025)
1210 Tracy Boulevard
(209) 836-0677

SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-up
711 Grant Line Road
(209) 836-1557

Tracy Tire Pros
1131 Holly Drive
(209) 835-6900

Tracy Express Wash & Lube
2480 N. Tracy Boulevard
(209) 835-9128

Tracy Material Recovery Facility
30703 South MacArthur Drive
(209) 832-2355

Tracy Pontiac GMC Cadillac, Inc.
2628 Robertson Drive
(209) 835-7750

Tracy Unified School District
1975 West Lowell Avenue
(209) 831-5051

Universal Waste

Some items, known as Universal Wastes and Electronic Wastes, are banned from being disposed in the trash altogether.
However, most of these can be recycled!

Button Style
Lead Acid
Other Rechargables
Fluorescent Bulbs
Mercury Devices:
- Mercury Thermometers
- Mercury Thermostats
- Other Devices Containing Mercury

Consumer Electronic Devices:
Answering Machines
Cellular Telephones
Computer Monitors
Radios & Stereos
VCR/DVD Players
Other Small Consumer Electronics

You may arrange for pickup of Universal Waste by contacting Tracy Disposal, (209) 835-0601. Fees may apply.

You may also take Universal Waste to Tracy Material Recovery & Transfer Station in Tracy (209) 832-2355. Fees may apply.