COVID-19 Update (8:00AM, 3/19/20):

  • We do not anticipate an interruption of collection services as a result of the coronavirus at this time.
  • Please be advised: Tracy Recycling Buyback Center is temporarily closed to the public at this time.
  • Safety Tips:
    • In support of good social distancing practices, please avoid interacting with your driver. Allow your driver to swiftly collect the material and proceed with his route.
    • Make sure all materials fit inside the toter to limit need for drivers to touch materials. Have additional waste that does not fit in the toter? Contact Customer Service at

We are taking precautionary measures to provide for the health and safety of our employees and our communities.
Please regularly check our website for updates.

How the Three Cart System Works

The Green Trash Cart
Green Trash Cart

This Green cart is collected at the curb every week on your scheduled collection day. Service days may be subject to change and customers will be notified in advance. Placement of all carts at the curb is essential to insure collection by automated trucks. Place your trash cart on either side of your driveway, at the edge of the curb. Allow a minimum of three feet of clearance on all sides of the cart from objects such as trees, fences, mailboxes, streetlights and other carts. Carts must be a minimum of six feet from any vehicles. Position your carts in a manner so that pedestrians can use the sidewalk.

The Blue Recycling Cart
Blue Recycling Cart

You can do your part to help save landfill space, preserve natural resources, and conserve energy by participating. Put your recycling cart in a convenient location and use it every day. Make the recycling life-style a part of your household. Recycling is easy with the collection system. Just fill your blue cart with acceptable materials listed on the recycling page. Place the cart at the curb every other week along with your trash cart for collection.

Use the convenient color-coded Collection Schedule.

Click here to view/print the Collection Schedule Calendar.

The Brown Yard Waste Cart
Brown Yard Waste Cart

Resent surveys show that up to 40% of the residential waste stream is made up of organic “green waste”. You can help reduce waste by putting your yard and garden waste into this Brown cart. Place this cart at the curb every other week along with your trash cart for collection. Use the convenient color-coded Collection Schedule.

Click here to view/print the Collection Schedule Calendar.

Cart Storage

All garbage, recycling and yard waste carts must be stored out of view from the street. Carts should be rolled out no more than 12 hours before collection and stored out of sight no more than 12 hours after collection.

No hazardous materials of any kind are accepted in your garbage, recycling or yard waste carts.

On Your Garbage & Yard Waste Collection Day

Wheel your carts out to the street on your regularly scheduled Garbage & Yard Waste collection day. Place Garbage & Yard Waste carts out together 3-feet apart and 6-feet away from any vehicle or obstacle. Put your cart wheels against the curb with the handles facing your house.

Curbside Cart Location





Holiday Collection Schedule:

We observe Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

Please see the Holiday Collection Schedule for more details.


Christmas Tree Collection

Brown Yard Waste Cart

Christmas trees may be set out on the curb for pickup on your scheduled trash day. Trees six feet tall and over should be cut in half. Flocked and treated trees may be set out as they will be separated at the Tracy Material Recovery Facility. Tinsel, ornaments and tree stands can not be recycled with the green waste and must be removed prior to pickup.

Home Projects

Tracy Delta Waste Management, Inc. offers Debris Box rentals from 1.5 to 40 yards for residents.

4-cubic yard mini boxes are perfect for a small clean up job

10-cubic yard debris box for dirt rock and concrete

20-cubic yard for larger clean up jobs and remodeling

Extra Pickups/Special Handling Pickups
Extra Bags

Extra garbage or bulky items can be taken for a reasonable fee. Please call (209) 835-0601 at least one day in advance to arrange for a pick up of extra garbage or bulky items such as couches, mattresses, water heaters, etc.

Special Handling

Refrigerators, televisions, computer monitors, freezers, air conditioners and other items require special handling. Please call our office for more information on these items.

Holiday Tree Recycling

Set out holiday trees on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Trees must have the stand and all decorations removed including the tinsel, lights and ornaments. Trees over 6 feet in length please cut in half.

Kids Love Trucks!
Kids Love Trucks!

Please Keep Your Children At A Safe Distance From Collection Vehicles.