Weekly Organic Waste Program

How to participate in the new Organic Waste program:

Place loose yard trimmings, food waste and food-soiled paper and food-soiled cardboard products in the green Organics cart. Do not use plastic bags or compostable bags; these materials contaminate other contents.


The Organics cart will be collected weekly on your garbage collection day. Place the Gray-Waste and Green-Organics carts at the curb by 4:00 a.m. Carts must have 3 feet clearance on all sides from other carts. Carts must have 6 feet clearance on all sides from vehicles, boats, trailers and all other objects.

Acceptable Materials:

Place only these items in your Organics cart:

  • yard trimmings such as grass clippings, weeds, leaves, flowers, and branches
  • branches must be less than 6 inches in diameter and less than 3 feet in length
  • food waste such as plate scrapings, meat, vegetables, eggshells, bread, dairy, bones,
  • food-soiled paper products and food-soiled cardboard products



Do Not place the following in your Organics cart:

  • plastic bags
  • compostable bags
  • palm fronds
  • oleanders
  • coated or painted wood
  • wood from construction projects
  • burn material
  • ash
  • poison oak
  • tree limbs and branches larger than 6 inches in diameter and longer than 3 feet
  • dirt, rock, concrete, gravel
  • metal
  • pet waste
  • deceased animals
  • liquids/chemicals such as oil, water, gas, fertilizer*
  • no hazardous waste*
  • trash. — Trash in the Organics cart can contaminate all container contents. Trash belongs in the gray container.
  • recyclables — Recyclables in the Organics cart can contaminate all container contents. Recyclables belong in the blue container

*For proper disposal of chemicals and other hazardous substances, please visit the Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Extra Material

If you have extra material that will not fit in the cart with the lid closed, please save it for collection next week. Organics collection service is fully automated therefore, over-flow material will not be picked up. For large yards, an additional Organics cart may be needed during Spring and Summer month.


Click Here - for Residential Curbside Collection Schedule